100+ Women Who Rock the Permian Basin

When you donate $100 to a charity, often you wonder if you are making a difference.  But when 100+ of a collective donate $100 at the same time, they raise $10,000+ to a worthy cause.  That’s impact!!!

how does this work?

The Power of 100+

stays local

We meet 4 times a year, donate $100 each time to 1of 3 presenting local charities, all with in 1 hour. Its that simple.

Our members are the only ones who can nominate a local charity, who are then picked randomly to present at a meeting. All charities must be 501(c)3 organizations, located and providing services to our local community.

is this for you?

Founded in 2017,100+ Women Who Rock the Permian Basin is one of more than 350 similar groups located worldwide that focus on coordinating funding for local, community charitable organizations. We gather at quarterly Giving Meetings for 1 hour to hear 3 short presentations on local nonprofits in need. Members vote and each person writes their check for $100 directly to the nonprofit that receives the majority vote, for a collective and impactful donation. Checks will be presented to the chosen charity the following month at the Presentation/General Meetings. We will discuss opportunities to give and serve at these meetings as well​.

If you’re a lady with limited time, but a lot of heart, you’ll want to consider membership.  Meetings last just one hour, four times a year. Small commitment, BIG impact.